April Wright

April Wright has been a certified Personal Trainer since 1994, and has been teaching cycling and large group fitness classes since 1995.  When it comes to cycling certifications you name it....April has it! April holds certifications from Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), Mad Dogg Spinning, ReeboK Cycling, Keiser Cycling, and Trixter Bikes to name a few. April has a devoted following of indoor cycling enthusiasts in the Ithaca, New York area who range from beginner riders to professional triathletes. April currently teaches 15 classes a week, with an average of 100 in attendance. April is a true believer in utilizing your own body as a tool to build strength. She has machines and some equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, balls  and more. In Bootcamp classes you get a mixture of cycling with weight lifting and pilates using your own body to become stronger. When April is not teaching or training in her gym she is a wife and mother. April and her husband have 3 beautiful children along with 3 dogs. April and her husband feel it is very important to teach their children how to live a healthy lifestyle.

What Clients are saying about April

  • "I love April's style. She's tough on us but she's not afraid to show that her own workout is kicking her butt! I love the comradery with the other girls that attend. I'm not afraid to show that I'm tired because of the relaxed atmosphere". - Sandy Huff
  • "April makes it fun to sweat!" Brad Treat
  • "April has changed my life. April pushes you to give 110% every class, every second and then some. Just when you think you don't have anything left, she pushes you even harder. She truly loves her job and is committed to every person that walks through her door. She loves her kids, husband, friends and family. I've had the opportunity to meet some amazing people and establish incredible friendships." Marcella Purcell

On a personal level, I feel that it is my responsibility to live my life the way I encourage and train all of my clients to live theirs. I feel that we only have this one life and I want to help individuals reach their personal goals, what ever that may be. I have trained for 5 marathons and several Olympic distance triathlons and I know, as someone who works over 50hrs/week, how hard it is to make and find the time to exercise and stay healthy. I don't accept excuses, I make exercise fun and most importantly rewarding.- April