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Sarah Hoffman-Until the beginning of college, my main form of exercise was dance.  I took numerous classes, which kept me in shape and didn't leave time for other forms of exercise.  When I went to college I stopped dancing and therefore stopped working out.  I didn't realize how much I needed some form of exercise in my life until I didn't have it anymore.  I began going to the gym but it never lasted long because I missed the motivation and energy of group fitness.  During my junior year I joined a YMCA and started taking cycling classes.  I was instantly hooked.  I am a first grade teacher (when I'm not working out) and after five years of taking cycling classes, decided teaching them would be a fun challenge.  I love the community that comes with the classes and the stress it relieves..I can't live without movement.  After two days of inactivity I have to get out and move.  My body thanks me, as does everyone around me!  When you come to my class you will get a variety of rides, songs, and workout intensities.  One thing stays consistent; you will push past what you thought was your maximum and get a great workout! 
Come sweat with us! 



Marcella Purcell-For me being fit is not just about doing fifty jumping squats, running a marathon or  training for a duathlon, it’s about the internal desire to push myself just ten more reps, one more mile or I have two more  hills to climb.  I want those around me to experience the same passion, enthusiasm and gratitude I feel when I am done with a workout. Sure, we all have those days of wanting to quit or thinking “I’ll take off today and start tomorrow” but my job as a mom, friend, wife and instructor is….never ever give up and  encourage others to do the same. 

My journey as an instructor began when I was on vacation in Vegas, (yes you MUST work out on vacation) and I took my first spinning class. Instantly, I feel in love with the music, fast pace environment and sever kickass workout. As an instructor, I am able to see the incredible transformation (mind & body) of those around me and it fuels my passion to push myself harder and faster.  Those who attend my class will find I have an ridiculously mount of natural energy ( no caffeine for this lady), I push you outside of  your comfort zone, inspire you, and  maybe if you’re lucky experience “ crawling of out  my class”. When I am not working out (which is rare) my days are spent working full time at Cornell  University, Johnson School.  I have five loves of my life, my four leg babies, Buster and Bouser, my husband (Cricket) and two boys, Daniel (21) and Alex (20).  

Please come and see me and experience the best part of your day~

Tiffany Bechtold- I was a Division 1 Athlete in College, my degree is in Health but I really didn’t discover the importance of optimal health until I was pregnant. For years as an athlete your workouts are created for you. Your job is to show up…do the workout and perform!  I ate “low calorie” but CONFESSION it was to not gain weight not to keep my insides working well!
     I started my career with being a fitness instructor teaching spin! OH…I still remember my first certification like it wasn’t 6 years ago! I was soo nervous! I was pumped up and ready to learn! BUT….then my first time teaching has arrived! OMGoodness!!! I was sweating before moving! I was double guessing if this song was right for a hill climb, or is this too slow for a working flat. But I did it….over and over again! It became an addiction! (For you fellow spinners you are LOL…because you know what I mean by addiction!) After teaching for a few years I moved over to also teaching Bootcamp. This is such an awesome class! I get to create a workout that clients can come and get their entire body worked while I focus on the main muscle groups. You almost don’t feel like you are working hard…( until the next day!)
     Fitness and Health of others is my way of helping. I can help someone meet their health goals….and to me that is sooooo rewarding! I can give clients a great workout….or even nutritional tips based on my knowledge and personal experience.
     I am pregnant with my 3rd baby.  We call her our GRAND FINALE….as this is it!!! I did my first triathlon as “ a Mom” when I was 10 weeks pregnant with her!  Some may call me crazy…..others say that is awesome! I trained for this tri….I listened to my body…and best of all I achieved a great personal goal! Come on over to Wright Fitness….hang out with us…and let us help you reach YOUR GOALS!!!

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